Creature Project by Jack M.


The test subject is rotting all over, his arms, legs, hands, and feet are the moldiest looking that anyone has ever seen.  His teeth are bronze and chipped. He lost two fingers on his right hand. Part of his leg is completely gone. His eyes are as wide as the moon.  His clothes are dirtier than a muddy pig. He is hungrier that anyone can ever be. He is shriveled like a three-month old tomato. He is as weak as a worm, and as dumb as a rock. He smells like a compost bin.

He will eat his best friend. He has eaten entire people. He has no memory of the past. He will attract any meat nearby, within smelling distance. He will ether sit down for day’s even months until he is provoked to move, or he will wander endlessly. He can hardly run.

Bob: A Creature Project by Sarah


He is a clown. But he’s not just a clown he’s THE CLOWN. He is the clown that everybody fears. He is the clown that brings night mares to the world. He isBOB! Some people say he lives under your beds. Some people say he has twelve eyes, but he is there. I have seen him with my own two eyes and oh yes, he’s there. You never know when you might come across Bob. I was washing my dishes one night and he just appeared on my sink. I ran outside screaming before he could do anything. But anyway, that whole story is for another time.

                Bob had very orange, fluffy messy hair, as well as his eye brows. His entire body is covered with powdery white make-up. Bob’s lips are obscured by mountain loads of red make-up. Bob’s eyes are very bright blue like a lagoon. His hands are concealed behind snowy white gloves. This eerie, blood curling creature is also not the skinniest clown I have ever seen. Like a clown would, he wears very funny looking clothing. He wears this outfit where the pants and the shirt are all connected as one big outfit. It is all poufy and colorful with a frill around the neck. He smells like dead fish too and his skin is as hard as a rock. You know for a little fellow he definitely knows how to scare.

                To this day no one has heard creepy little Bob’s voice but one can only imagine. Bob never moves while anything is watching, not even an inch worm but others say he just moves so fast it can’t been seen with the naked eye. If you were ever to see Bob (which lets prey never happens) you would never think he wasn’t just a doll. The power that mighty Bob has is that when he focuses really hard on something and taps his knee three times, that thing will turn into asparagus. That is why he is so feared. So if maybe Bob doesn’t take a liking to you or if it is just for fun because he hasn’t had the joy of taking someone’s life that day, then bye bye. What is even worse is that the asparagus doesn’t smell like asparagus, it smells like dead fish. So no one will go anywhere near the rotten smelling asparagus though everyone knows why there is just a big pile of asparagus just lying in the middle of a room. There is sadly no known cure for this horrible disaster so let’s hope it just never happens. His friends are the evil Joker (from Batman) and absolutely horrendous Lotso (from Toy Story Three). Now where he lives, as I may have mentioned before, no one know but there are many theories going around. So now for all those people who don’t believe me, just be careful and don’t say you weren’t warned. (Dun Dun Da  Hahaha)  

Creature Projects


Right around Halloween, the sixth graders conceived, described, and created visual representations of fictional creatures.  Some exemplary writing samples are below.

First: Snuffy, by Josh L.

          Snuffy, my creature, has many unique things about him. Snuffy has a shiny head as bald as an egg and a dark, chestnut colored, forehead. He has two eyebrows arched like rainbows. Snuffy also has two eyes wide enough to stare down an owl! He sports gargantuan ears with ear hair that goes up when he’s happy. Snuffy smells like a burnt pop tart. Snuffy has a small lavender nose, and when Snuffy pushes his nose it lets out a “WAAP! WAAP!”  Snuffy also has a humongous round mouth with teeth so sharp they can cut through a piece of cheese in a single chomp! Snuffy has lengthy twisted arms like a rubber band wound up too many times. He has two elongated legs as long as trains with feet too oversized for his body.

            Snuffy also has a very intriguing personality. Snuffy always nose dives into the ground because his feet are incredibly out of proportion with his body. Snuffy speaks like he has bubbles in his mouth. Snuffy saying hello would sound like “Hwwrble. Hwwrble.” Snuffy has the power to charm people into watching his lean body fall face first into the ground repeatedly. A power that doesn’t get Snuffy very far in life. He also has the power to vacuum up people into his open top like sucking water down a drain. Snuffy has other friends who are like him named Larry, Mary, and Harry, but his friends don’t fall down as much as Snuffy does. Snuffy resides in a world called Tiny World located on the inside of the moon. Despite its name, it’s a very large place. Tiny World is stuffed with other monsters that have outlandish habits like having an obsession with grapes, dancing as a mode of transportation, and pouring tea out of the ears. Snuffy transports to Earth by slipping on a custom built spacesuit. Then, he jumps on a super trampoline sending his towering body careening towards Earth like a meteor.

Mr. Puffy Pants, by Sophia S.


My creature is the Puffball/Big Puffball, sometimes called Mr. Puffy-pants. This creature is white with streaks of green as spiky hair. Mr. Puffy-pants’ have one gargantuan eye in the middle of their head. The Puffball has a miniature mouth, and is almost always smiling. It has sharp teeth sometimes obscured from view. The dwarfish legs on Mr. Puffy-pants’ are long and thin, while the animal clomps around. The feet are protected by a tiny, little shoe. The Puffball wears a tiny crown atop it’s fuzzy head, as shinny as a diamond in sunlight. The Big Puffball is like the Puffball, but bigger. Except this creature has large, pointed teeth, to scare other creatures with. Mr. Puffy-pants’ are very cute and adorable, most of the time….

This creature has two sides. Literally. It can morph from a Puffball into a Big Puffball. The Puffball is a shy and good-natured animal that makes a great pet. They are sensitive creatures and will sometimes morph if you infuriate them. They give off the aroma of sweet flowers and perfume. The Puffball has a high-pitched squeak as dialogue. The Big Puffball is more outgoing and acts very robotic. “The bigger the puff the bigger the brain” means the more enormous the Puffball the smarter they are. Big Puffballs have a deep, manly-like voice despite their friendliness. Mr. Puffy-pants’ (both Puffballs) love to play Scrabble. They live in homes with humans or will live in a cave in the wild. These creatures are full of cute and fun personalities!

The Super Skinny Candy Stealer, by Jillian S



When we think of Halloween we think of candy.  The thick, rich chocolate along with the delicious yummy gummy treats too.  But for the Super Skinny Candy Stealer, Halloween is torture.  He is allergic to candy!  The Super Skinny Candy Stealer’s hair is so spiky it feels as sharp as pins.  His chubby eyebrows have this same threatening feature.  His slender mouth is always watering because he craves the scrumptious candy everyone can enjoy but him.  His teeth are flawlessly straight and blindingly white because he doesn’t eat candy.  The Super Skinny Candy Stealer’s hands have very rough skin.  His mom calls it alligator skin because it’s so rough.  His hands are alike this because he thinks cream sounds delicious and sugary so he doesn’t use it.  His feet are rough, too so when he has bare feet his feet sound scratchy on the floor.  It’s as if he is tap-dancing.  His torso is immensely slim.  It looks like someone squeezed him in a tiny closet where he got smushed and stayed that way.  His legs are as skinny as pencils.  His hair makes him look scary until you see his minute legs.  He always smells like icky broccoli because that is his favorite food.  He always stinks up the room so his mom has broccolinators that suck up the putrid smell. 


The Super Skinny Candy Stealer is always very jealous.  He is jealous of all the spoiled kids in the world who eat candy.  On Halloween, he steals kids’ nasty candy.  He doesn’t eat the delicious treats.  He just doesn’t want others to enjoy it.  The Super Skinny Candy Stealer has razor sharp fingernails so he can slice open candy bags and steals the delight inside.  He has no friends because he despises everyone who eats candy, and he hasn’t met anybody who doesn’t.  He likes to go to all the stores in his town and swipe all the scrumptious candy from the shelves.  Again, he just burns the delight instead of eating it.  When Super Skinny Candy Stealer walks into a store that has candy, the mouth watering smell disgusts him so he puts clothespins on his nose to block the vile stench.  He lives in a total candy free cave miles away from the to-die-for taste and the mouth watering taste of the torturous treat…CANDY.

Human Plot Charts


Group 65 and 67 made human plot charts on Friday to review the elements of plot! Click on the pictures to see a larger form.

Getting to Know You Letter


August 31, 2011

Dear Students,

I am really looking forward to teaching you and learning with you this year.  This letter will serve as a model of your first writing assignment, the “Getting to Know You Letter.”  Please note: on this blog, I am not able to indent paragraphs.  You should indent your paragraphs when you write or type your letter; press “TAB” to indent if you’re typing.

I have several hobbies and interests outside of school that I’d like to share with you.  I love reading, and I belong to a book club that meets about once a month.  I also love yoga.  I practice as much as I can; it really helps me to stay focused and calm inside and outside of school.  If you haven’t tried yoga, you might consider asking your parents to help you find a class for kids or teens that you could try.  Middle school can be a stressful time, and anything that you can do to help yourself relax is wonderful.  I also enjoy running.  As I told you, I ran the Boston Marathon in 2009 and 2010.  I don’t run as much as I used to, but I still like to do it, especially in the fall along the Charles River, which is only two blocks from where I live.

I grew up with my parents and younger brother.  I feel lucky because I am very close to them, as well as to my extended family.  We did not have any pets growing up, but last year my brother brought home a cat that needed a home, and my parents adopted him.  His name is Walter; we call him Wally for short.  It took some time to get used to a cat, but now we adore him!

It’s hard to pick favorites, because I really like a lot of things, so I’m always changing my mind.  My favorite color is blue.  Blue is particularly special to me because it’s my husband’s favorite color as well, so that was the color of our wedding.  My current favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry.  In fact, I just made it in my ice cream maker with fresh strawberries.  Delicious! I love too many books to choose a favorite, but right now I’m reading and loving Fall of Giants, by Ken Follett.  It follows several European and American characters living in Europe on the brink of World War I.  So far, I’ve met a Russian peasant family, a British Lord, a family of Welsh miners, and a German diplomat.  Their lives are all starting to intersect as historical events bring them together.  I love historical fiction because it helps me learn about history while I’m engaged in a novel.

This summer, I tutored two students and worked part-time as an administrative assistant.  I also got to read a lot of books and take several trips with my husband. We traveled all over New England exploring and seeing friends.   

My strengths are that I’m very organized and a hard worker.  I’m working on finding as many ways as possible to challenge and support you.  You can help me with this goal by being an excellent communicator.  If you can think of a way that you could be more challenged in class, let me know.  If you are feeling like you need more support, let me know.  Like all of your teachers, I am here to help you have the best possible sixth grade experience, but I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what you need.  I hope that each of you will stop by to chat regularly.

One other thing I’m looking forward to this year is finding new ways to make writing fun and exciting for you.  I want you to know that if you have ideas for writing projects, please come and tell me. I feel privileged to get to work with each of you.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year!

Your teacher,

Mrs. Lockwood