Letter to Zeus by Maeve



President, Epic Hero Hall of Fame

Mount Olympus, Greece

Dear Almighty Zeus,                                                                                                                                                 

Ulysses is the great hero of the past, the amazing warrior to people today, and the bravest man of all time. By writing this letter I am hoping to show you all the wonderful reasons why Ulysses should unquestionably be in the Epic Hero Hall of Fame. I have been amazed by Ulysses and all of his journeys in The Adventures of Ulysses. Just like you great Zeus, Ulysses has super human qualities, and the ability to overcome virtually all obstacles. He also has a long list of dangerous journeys that are still increasing.  O, great master Zeus you can’t surely turn down this opportunity!

Yes, you could call Ulysses human, but I believe the right term would be SUPERHUMAN! Throughout the book I took note of countless qualities that set Ulysses apart from regular humans. For example, when Ulysses was about to face the irresistible Sirens, he was tied to the mast so firmly that he could not move. However, when he heard the beautiful voices of the Sirens singing he could not stand it. Their voices were not just beautiful; they were gorgeous, dazzling, and stunning! How Ulysses just wanted to jump overboard and swim to the women. Could he keep away? Well, while trying to escape from the ropes around him, he pushed so hard against it that he bled! Ulysses didn’t care though. Even with the pain, Ulysses did not even take a glance down at his bleeding body. Could any human do that, no! Only the mighty Ulysses could stand that pain. That is just one of the many things that make him superhuman!

Its one thing to be on a journey, but it’s another thing to overcome it! Ulysses over came every single obstacle he ran into. He conquered the Ciconians, the Lotus Eaters, the Sirens, and he even made in through The Land of the Dead! I think the biggest obstacle he overcame was making it back to Ithaca and beating all the courters, just to get Penelope back. When Ulysses got home, he still had to face all the men that were suffocating his home trying to get Penelope’s hand in marriage. Ulysses came up with a master plan to show up at his castle disguised as an old man from Crete. Then his son, Telemachus would tell everyone that Ulysses was dead, and that Penelope was to marry one of the men. Next in his plan, Ulysses would go see Penelope as the old man. He would then tell her that he saw Ulysses and that he said that he deeply loved Penelope. He also told Penelope a way to see which man was the strongest. All the courters had to try and bend Ulysses bow to see which man was worthy to be king. When the plan followed through it seemed that no man could bend the bow. The only person who could do it was Ulysses. Soon after, the suitors realized that the old man from Crete was Ulysses because he was the only one that could bend the bow. Once Ulysses true identity was revealed the other men were trying to kill him. Because of the help of two other men, Ulysses was able to fight off all the men and save his kingdom! Great Zeus, you can surely tell Ulysses is worthy, right?

Every chapter of the book The Adventures of Ulysses had a new long dangerous journey that Ulysses encountered! The whole book was pretty much a huge, extended, treacherous voyage. You can probably relate to that though because you are the greatest hero of all time and I can’t imagine all the journeys you have been on. It took Ulysses over a decade to arrive home. He battled numerous amounts of deadly creatures. One beast Ulysses battled was the amazing Cyclops. The Cyclops had one giant eye with a huge, amazing mouth that was eating Ulysses crew. Ulysses swiftly came up with a plan to escape the giant. He really didn’t want to harm the giant though. Ulysses was just defending himself, and I’m sure you would have done the same thing.

        Just like all great heroes, Ulysses has his flaws. Like when he fell asleep and let his men eat the golden cattle. He also left the bag of winds unattended and the crew members opened it. With all his achievements that can’t really matter….can it? Even though he fell asleep, it wasn’t entirely his fault. He had been awake for so long hardly working away. Every man needs there sleep. I think it’s a shame to think about his mistakes when he man has done so many great things.

        Ulysses was a great man who risked his life many times. Ulysses has demonstrated that he is an epic hero by, his superhuman qualities, his ability to overcome nearly all obstacles, and the many long dangerous journeys he has been on. Ulysses may not be as wonderful as you, but he is certainly close!



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