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Letter to Zeus by Molly


President, Epic Hero Hall of Fame Mount Olympus, Greece

Dear Great and Honorable Lord Zeus,

I am overjoyed to be recommending Captain Ulysses, of The Troy Crusher, for the Epic Hero Hall of Fame. I have just finished reading The Adventures of Ulysses, as a sixth grade student of W.S Parker Middle School. Ulysses impressed me, and proved to me that he is worthy of the honor of being inducted into the Epic Hero Hall of Fame. I’m sure O Great and Honorable Lord Zeus And His Formidable Council of Gods can be trusted to make the right decision, which of course is to induct Ulysses into the Epic Hero Hall of Fame. By surviving a long and perilous journey, showing strength and confidence in his super human abilities, and over coming the toughest obstacles man has only dreamed of, I give you… Ulysses!!

First of the events that brought him here is surviving a long and perilous journey! Captain Ulysses sailed for ten years, spending almost the entire time hopping between the frying pan and the fire. He watched his whole crew vaporized, sailed through Scylla and Charybdis twice, and walked through the land of the dead and back again before returning to his beloved Ithaca and his wife Penelope. Maybe this alone does not qualify him for the Epic Hero Hall of Fame, but the next one definitely does.

Captain Ulysses has shown many qualities, the least of them being his super human abilities. He has amazing strength, proving it by dangling from a clump of lichen for hours while waiting for Charybdis to spit his raft back out. He is an expert with a bow, being the only mortal with enough ability to shoot an arrow through all twelve axe rings. He has extraordinary courage, shown when he sailed into the Underworld to receive advice from a long-dead sage. These might not prove that Ulysses is worthy of the honor, and they might not even prove it together, but I think this next one and these two combined certainly will.

Last of the things that have brought Ulysses in front of you today is overcoming obstacles easily. Ulysses has done this throughout his entire journey. One of the first obstacles he overcame was running out of food. To solve this, he landed on an island called Cyclops Island. He and his crew searched for food, but instead found a cave. Luckily, inside the cave was lots of food. They feasted, for it seemed like no one was there. Suddenly, the cave door closed and a Cyclops named Polyphemus stepped out and tried to eat Ulysses crew! Ulysses tricked him into drink unwatered wine, which made him drunk. Soon, Polyphemus was asleep. Ulysses stabbed him in the eye, blinding him, then made his escape.

Now, I know some of you gods *ahem, Poseidon* are not too keen on Ulysses being inducted into the Epic Hero Hall of Fame. However, you trying to avenge your son’s blinding has made Ulysses an even greater epic hero. Sometimes, I think you immortals just need to forgive. Polyphemus isn’t dead. Be grateful for that. Okay, let’s reconsider the facts that make Ulysses worthy of the Epic Hero Hall of Fame. Ulysses has clearly proved that he is an epic hero by surviving a long and perilous journey, showing strength and courage in his superhuman qualities, and overcoming obstacles easily. Thank you for your consideration.



Letter to Zeus, by Colin M.


Dear Zeus,

I’m writing to recommend Ulysses for the Epic Hero Hall of Fame. I’m a 6th grader who just finished The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin. I have been very impressed with how Ulysses demonstrates the characteristics of an epic hero.  By the way he overcomes obstacles, and his super human qualities, Ulysses has proven himself worthy of this honor.

            Throughout The Adventures of Ulysses, Ulysses is faced with many frightening obstacles. He exhibits cunning ability and superhuman strength to defeat these horrible obstacles.  One example is when Ulysses and his crew are blown into the land of the Lotus Eaters by the angry god, Poseidon.  Even though the fragrance of the lotus flowers made him want to fall asleep, Ulysses carried all of his men back to the ships safely. Another way Ulysses overcomes obstacles is he sails past the evil Sirens.  This is important because, as shown in the text, Ulysses was the first to do this.  This is shown in the text when the book says, “The Sirens sat on a heap of white bones – the bones of shipwrecked sailors.” One final obstacle Ulysses faces is Charybodis. When Charybdis knocks Ulysses from his raft, he was able to hold onto the moss that was over Charybdis’ cave until he is able to sail away to safety.  Great Zeus, how is it that a mere man could do this?  He must be worthy of the Epic Hero Hall of Fame.  I hope I have shown you that through his strength and wisdom, Ulysses was able to overcome many challenges.

            Ulysses also has some abilities that no mere mortal could possess. One super human quality that Ulysses possesses is brute strength. While he was on Circe’sIslandhe threw a spear that went straight through a stag and imbedded itself into a tree.  Now, mighty Zeus, no man could possess this precise aim and the sheer brute strength to accomplish this feat. Another superhuman quality is that Ulysses has the strength to snap rawhide with his bare hands.  This strength was essential when he is trying to get to the Sirens. One final super human thing that Ulysses has done, O’ mighty Zeus, is he has gone to the Land of the Dead and survived.  As you know, most men perish before they get to the underworld and can’t leave, but true heroes can.  These are all examples of Ulysses’ super human strength and valid reasons why Ulysses should be inducted into the Epic Hero Hall of Fame.

            Mighty Zeus, Even thought Ulysses has superhuman qualities and overcame a series of obstacles, he did blind Polyphemus while he was sleeping, which is cowardly and cruel. However, he was doing it in self defense because Polyphemus was keeping Ulysses and his men locked in his cave and was going to eat them. After all, Zeus, as mighty and powerful as you are, you must know that what Ulysses did was in self defense and that he was only trying to save himself and his crew. In conclusion, I believe that you should over look when Ulysses blinded Polyphemus and instead focus on all heroic things that he has done.

            Ulysses was a hero who only wanted to get home and had many adventures in the process. Ulysses has demonstrated that he is an epic hero by his super human qualities, as well as his ability to overcome many obstacles.  Thank you for your consideration for Ulysses’ admittance into the Epic Hero Hall of Fame, Lord Zeus.  I really appreciate it.



                               Colin M