A House with a Clock in its Walls: Reviewed by J.B.


“Lewis threw the clock down. There was a springing of uncoiled springs and a clatter of clogs and a sprinkling of glass.” The House with a Clock in its Walls is a great novel if you crave suspense.  It contains cliffhangers; it’s suspenseful.  It also lets you be a detective in the book. First of all, it has a great amount of cliffhangers.  Cliffhangers are a great thing to have in a suspense book because they make you want to read on to the next chapter. Also, the cliffhanger is usually at the end of a chapter. For example, one of the characters says, “Let’s go find that clock!” at the end of one chapter. This quote was a cliffhanger because you or the reader wants to read on to the next chapter to see if they find the clock.  Another great quality of a suspense book is that it obviously needs to be suspenseful!  This quality makes you want to read all night if the author uses this quality correctly.  In this novel, there is a lot of suspense towards the middle and the end of the book.  For example, around the middle of the book, Lewis and his uncle, along with their neighbor, are being chased by a mysterious black car, but they manage to escape.  This example created suspense because you might found out what would happen to Lewis and his companions.  For our third and final quality, The House with a Clock in its Walls lets you be a good detective. It lets you make predictions about characters to see if they are good or bad.  John Bellairs lets you predict how the story could end.  For example, on page 123, when “Hammerhandle” grabs Lewis by the collar, you can probably tell that he isn’t a good guy.  To sum up my review, The House with a Clock in its Walls is a great book. If you want a great mystery, pick up this book at your local bookstore.

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  1. i realy like it.this review contains statements from the book and page nummbers as well. also i enjoyed how the topic sentence goes with the topic and how the closeing wrappes up the reveiw. but i have one question,’where is the nearest borders?”

  2. I reeally liked it how they put the first sentence together with a grabber first.It was a nice Book to read and i really liked it
    From Gerrit:)

  3. Really great review! I liked how you were really clear on the details. I also like how you used a lot of evidence from the book The House with the Clock in its Walls. This review was very clear and complete. Over all very good job!

  4. Juniad did a good job. he had lots of good discription words. he was clear and he had a good opener and clincher. he explained all of his points well. he made it funny, like what i try to do.

  5. I Thought This was a great review. the opening sentence was great and really captured me into reading this.

    Ben B.
    Group 65

  6. This book review served its purpose really well. I was persuaded to read this book because of many factors. First, I loved how it opened in the grabber, bridge, and topic sentence format. This was really the beginning of what made this such a great review. Second, for each reason this was a great suspense novel you quoted evidence from the book. Third, you used great words that gave vivid visualization to the reader. Some words I really liked were :quality, companions, manage, and mysterious. I liked these words because I visually understood what you were saying. Finally, I enjoyed the personality in your ending. This really wrapped up your great review on a great book. Overall, this was a fantastic review for a just as worthy book.

  7. I liked how you explained the book very well, its almost like i read the book. I think this is a very good choice to be at the top three on Mrs.Lockwood’s blog.

  8. Your review really makes people want to got and get that book. I really loved all of the examples from the story that you put in. I also liked the fact that you left the person who read the review in a place that wasn’t too much information, but enough to make you want to read The House With a Clock in its Walls.

  9. Really good grabber!! I love how you supported each detail clearly and strongly. This makes me want to read this book so much!!

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