The Westing Game: Reviewed by J.D.


Wow! The Westing Game was a great mystery book. Three things that really stood out to me were the great clues, cliff hangers, and the colorful, different personalities. One clue I noticed was that they made the end of the story so unpredictable by a great clue which was Sam Westing’s words, “One of you took my life away,” which makes you think he was murdered. But was he? Another good clue was that the will read, “I died from natural causes.” So that means that he couldn’t have been murdered. An outstanding cliff hanger was at the end of Chapter 1, page 6. It says, “And oh, yes, one was a bookie, one was a burglar, one was a bomber, and one was a mistake. Barney had rented one of the apartments to the wrong person.” That made me want to keep reading because I wanted to figure out who was what. The last thing was their personalities. They were extremely different. For example, one pair was a wedding dressmaker and her partner was a shin-kicking, vicious, 13-year-old girl. Another example is one pair is a bird-watching crippled boy paired with a plastic surgery intern. Overall, I think you should read this spectacular book

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  1. I really like how detailed your review was. I can see how you wanted to keep reading to figure out the mistake and who it was. I really liked reading the book too!

    Declan S.

  2. I thought your book review was well writen. You gave a lot of information about the book and all of it’s odd characters and everything without giving too much away. Also, you used examples from the book to make it very clear. Finally, you persuaded people to want to read the book.

  3. I really liked your review because when you said,” one of you took my life away.” that was really interesting to me. I also liked how you said. But was he? because it makes the reader’s mind going. I really liked this review so I might read the book as well.

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