Creature Project by Jack M.


The test subject is rotting all over, his arms, legs, hands, and feet are the moldiest looking that anyone has ever seen.  His teeth are bronze and chipped. He lost two fingers on his right hand. Part of his leg is completely gone. His eyes are as wide as the moon.  His clothes are dirtier than a muddy pig. He is hungrier that anyone can ever be. He is shriveled like a three-month old tomato. He is as weak as a worm, and as dumb as a rock. He smells like a compost bin.

He will eat his best friend. He has eaten entire people. He has no memory of the past. He will attract any meat nearby, within smelling distance. He will ether sit down for day’s even months until he is provoked to move, or he will wander endlessly. He can hardly run.

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