Bob: A Creature Project by Sarah


He is a clown. But he’s not just a clown he’s THE CLOWN. He is the clown that everybody fears. He is the clown that brings night mares to the world. He isBOB! Some people say he lives under your beds. Some people say he has twelve eyes, but he is there. I have seen him with my own two eyes and oh yes, he’s there. You never know when you might come across Bob. I was washing my dishes one night and he just appeared on my sink. I ran outside screaming before he could do anything. But anyway, that whole story is for another time.

                Bob had very orange, fluffy messy hair, as well as his eye brows. His entire body is covered with powdery white make-up. Bob’s lips are obscured by mountain loads of red make-up. Bob’s eyes are very bright blue like a lagoon. His hands are concealed behind snowy white gloves. This eerie, blood curling creature is also not the skinniest clown I have ever seen. Like a clown would, he wears very funny looking clothing. He wears this outfit where the pants and the shirt are all connected as one big outfit. It is all poufy and colorful with a frill around the neck. He smells like dead fish too and his skin is as hard as a rock. You know for a little fellow he definitely knows how to scare.

                To this day no one has heard creepy little Bob’s voice but one can only imagine. Bob never moves while anything is watching, not even an inch worm but others say he just moves so fast it can’t been seen with the naked eye. If you were ever to see Bob (which lets prey never happens) you would never think he wasn’t just a doll. The power that mighty Bob has is that when he focuses really hard on something and taps his knee three times, that thing will turn into asparagus. That is why he is so feared. So if maybe Bob doesn’t take a liking to you or if it is just for fun because he hasn’t had the joy of taking someone’s life that day, then bye bye. What is even worse is that the asparagus doesn’t smell like asparagus, it smells like dead fish. So no one will go anywhere near the rotten smelling asparagus though everyone knows why there is just a big pile of asparagus just lying in the middle of a room. There is sadly no known cure for this horrible disaster so let’s hope it just never happens. His friends are the evil Joker (from Batman) and absolutely horrendous Lotso (from Toy Story Three). Now where he lives, as I may have mentioned before, no one know but there are many theories going around. So now for all those people who don’t believe me, just be careful and don’t say you weren’t warned. (Dun Dun Da  Hahaha)  

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