The Super Skinny Candy Stealer, by Jillian S



When we think of Halloween we think of candy.  The thick, rich chocolate along with the delicious yummy gummy treats too.  But for the Super Skinny Candy Stealer, Halloween is torture.  He is allergic to candy!  The Super Skinny Candy Stealer’s hair is so spiky it feels as sharp as pins.  His chubby eyebrows have this same threatening feature.  His slender mouth is always watering because he craves the scrumptious candy everyone can enjoy but him.  His teeth are flawlessly straight and blindingly white because he doesn’t eat candy.  The Super Skinny Candy Stealer’s hands have very rough skin.  His mom calls it alligator skin because it’s so rough.  His hands are alike this because he thinks cream sounds delicious and sugary so he doesn’t use it.  His feet are rough, too so when he has bare feet his feet sound scratchy on the floor.  It’s as if he is tap-dancing.  His torso is immensely slim.  It looks like someone squeezed him in a tiny closet where he got smushed and stayed that way.  His legs are as skinny as pencils.  His hair makes him look scary until you see his minute legs.  He always smells like icky broccoli because that is his favorite food.  He always stinks up the room so his mom has broccolinators that suck up the putrid smell. 


The Super Skinny Candy Stealer is always very jealous.  He is jealous of all the spoiled kids in the world who eat candy.  On Halloween, he steals kids’ nasty candy.  He doesn’t eat the delicious treats.  He just doesn’t want others to enjoy it.  The Super Skinny Candy Stealer has razor sharp fingernails so he can slice open candy bags and steals the delight inside.  He has no friends because he despises everyone who eats candy, and he hasn’t met anybody who doesn’t.  He likes to go to all the stores in his town and swipe all the scrumptious candy from the shelves.  Again, he just burns the delight instead of eating it.  When Super Skinny Candy Stealer walks into a store that has candy, the mouth watering smell disgusts him so he puts clothespins on his nose to block the vile stench.  He lives in a total candy free cave miles away from the to-die-for taste and the mouth watering taste of the torturous treat…CANDY.

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