Creature Projects


Right around Halloween, the sixth graders conceived, described, and created visual representations of fictional creatures.  Some exemplary writing samples are below.

First: Snuffy, by Josh L.

          Snuffy, my creature, has many unique things about him. Snuffy has a shiny head as bald as an egg and a dark, chestnut colored, forehead. He has two eyebrows arched like rainbows. Snuffy also has two eyes wide enough to stare down an owl! He sports gargantuan ears with ear hair that goes up when he’s happy. Snuffy smells like a burnt pop tart. Snuffy has a small lavender nose, and when Snuffy pushes his nose it lets out a “WAAP! WAAP!”  Snuffy also has a humongous round mouth with teeth so sharp they can cut through a piece of cheese in a single chomp! Snuffy has lengthy twisted arms like a rubber band wound up too many times. He has two elongated legs as long as trains with feet too oversized for his body.

            Snuffy also has a very intriguing personality. Snuffy always nose dives into the ground because his feet are incredibly out of proportion with his body. Snuffy speaks like he has bubbles in his mouth. Snuffy saying hello would sound like “Hwwrble. Hwwrble.” Snuffy has the power to charm people into watching his lean body fall face first into the ground repeatedly. A power that doesn’t get Snuffy very far in life. He also has the power to vacuum up people into his open top like sucking water down a drain. Snuffy has other friends who are like him named Larry, Mary, and Harry, but his friends don’t fall down as much as Snuffy does. Snuffy resides in a world called Tiny World located on the inside of the moon. Despite its name, it’s a very large place. Tiny World is stuffed with other monsters that have outlandish habits like having an obsession with grapes, dancing as a mode of transportation, and pouring tea out of the ears. Snuffy transports to Earth by slipping on a custom built spacesuit. Then, he jumps on a super trampoline sending his towering body careening towards Earth like a meteor.

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